BeWater Value Proposition


Clean, pure, fresh-tasting Artesian "Be Water" has many benefits for its

Health Conscious Consumers.

Artesian Spring Water - Contains a Rich Concentration of Positive Minerals:

 •  Bicarbonate - electrolyte that balances the blood’s pH

     and increases energy with less acidity

•  Calcium – bone sturdiness, nerve functioning and muscle tone

•  Silica – improves physique, joints and bones


What is Artesian Water?

Artesian water is the confined natural underground reservoir that contains water under positive pressure. The aquifer is a geologic layer of rocks or limestone that provides as the source of the artesian well. The spring comes to the surface on its own from the ground pressure and is collected with no added ingredients.

Most firms use public water & purify it through distillation, deionization or reverse osmosis.

Greene Concepts Inc. 

Has ( 7 ) Natural Springs Wells, altogether and uses water from one of

( 3Certified Natural Artesian Springs in Marion, North Carolina.